The William Huxley Difference

    The Property and Real Estate Industry can often seem like a numbers game where everyone is largely focused on hitting their target. It’s about high volume and maximum output, more so in the bigger firms. Finding someone who understands that property is more about the people than the price is a rare trait, but at William Huxley, that’s the very foundation we were built on.

    Having experienced the other side of the coin, the founders of William Huxley are dedicated to delivering a customised, people-centric service in an industry inundated with the opposite. From covering what inspired Alex Morgan and Craig Nichol to start William Huxley, their aspirations, and even what they do in their spare time (spoiler alert, it involves puppies), there’s a reason they can guarantee ‘The William Huxley Difference’ to each of their clients.

    How did the two of you first get into Real Estate?

    AM: Well, my dad was in real estate for a good 30 years. He had a strong presence in the Ivanhoe area and was almost like the local hero, the go-to man if you will! But like many, I was reluctant to follow in his footsteps and instead jumped into the hospitality industry. This took me all over the world, meeting amazing people of all walks of life and I certainly had lots of fun. One day, I decided to give into Dad’s nagging to give real estate a shot and then…that was it, really. After spending time at two other agencies honing my skills and seeing what was being done right and wrong in the industry…William Huxley was founded — I just loved making valuable personal connections, building client relationships and I finally understood why my dad was so passionate about this industry.

    CN: I was always keen on property and architecture and ended up studying Urban Planning & Development at university. However, when I did start working I thought it was a bit slow-paced for me which is what led me to sales in real estate. Once I fell into real estate, I really began to pick it up and enjoy it. It involved a lot more people, was a constant learning process, and every single day came with a new adventure. It was thrilling, you’re always going through so many things in the span of a day. That’s pretty much when I knew this was it for me.

    Why did you both start William Huxley?

    CN: We actually worked together initially, at another company. But like a lot of big firms, it was about high volume, high numbers, and…not a lot else. Alex and I are more people-oriented, we like building high quality relationships. We know if we give clients attention, we’ll be able to give them better results. It’s why we began getting such good referral-based customer reviews.

    AM: We started William Huxley so we could really take control of everything, big and small. We could be a bit more selective with people and properties, build towards a more inclusive brand and work with like-minded people. From our experience working with other real estate agencies, we knew we’d have to break away and be an independent agency if we truly wanted to emphasize on that.

    We’re a highly connected collective with a good ethos in place, which is why we can always assure high-quality service, consistent attention, better results, and more importantly, a flexible, open conversation with our clients.

    What makes William Huxley so special?

    AM: We’re a highly connected collective with a good ethos in place, which is why we can always assure high-quality service, consistent attention, better results, and more importantly, a flexible, open conversation with our clients. It all comes down to who we are and how that reflects amongst our staff as well. We’re a youthful, tight-knit group of people who collaborate with each other to ensure every single person on this team can grow and do their best.

    CN: We all unified in our common objective to help our clients to achieve real estate goals. This is reflected in our customer service — we really do care, we troubleshoot everything, and everyone always walks away feeling happy. When you’re a smaller agency, you can always give clients a more customised experience catering to their exact needs.

    Craig and Alex at an auction a couple years ago.

    AM: We make sure our team comprises of people who are 100% committed, we want people who want a career in Real Estate. We love seeing bottom-to-the-top growth at William Huxley, in fact, we had had multiple team members start in Reception, learn the ins and outs of the business and then transition into roles like property management and marketing. Nothing better than seeing someone grow and involve into their ideal place in the William Huxley team.

    CN: Positivity and energy is also very important, as well as the passion to continue learning. Our team is also made up of very warm, genuine people who are relatable and friendly.

    And finally, what do you do in your spare time?

    CN: I actually spend a fair bit of my spare time doing research on property investing. It’s a major interest of mine and it takes up a good chunk of my day. Beyond that, it’s mainly playing sports, some golf with my friends, enjoying the amazing restaurants we have locally and hanging out with my partner and two dogs.

    Craig and his two pups.

    AM: Almost all of my spare times revolves around my friends and family. Lots of sports and activities with friends and at home we’ve got an 18-month-old baby (Nellie) and a 2-year-old Labrador (Larry) to keep us (very) busy.

    At William Huxley, we’re not here to push for unrealistic results, we’re here to build long-lasting, quality relationships with owners and tenants, both.

    When we work with like-minded people, there’s a common understanding that every party involved will leave satisfied. Seamless collaboration, attention to every detail, and an open door always, are how we’ve achieved great feedback and an excellent rapport with our clients over the last four years; and we aim to continue to do so. For an experience curated towards your every need, with a friendly, open-minded team ready to answer your questions, reach out to William Huxley today for a chat!